Researching and Reporting
Creating Self-sustaining Agriculture comminities

Researching and Reporting –Think-Tank–

The Aguilar Institute is a Researching and Reporting Center and non-profit organization that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as Organic Agriculture, public  policy, political strategy, economics, technology and the implementation of self-sustaining Farming Enterprises.

The Role of Think Tanks: Research Centers plays a fundamental role in shaping policy agendas. In other words, thinks tanks mobilize expertise and put forward evidence. They push for innovative change and they build networks and communities through which they nurture and spread ideas and catalyze action.  

Our Vision:

Our Research “think-tank” is  dedicated to the study of highly efficient Organic agriculture and meat producing  systems.  For example, our studies will be available to be used by Federal and State agencies, Cities, community organizations, Universities, non-profit foundations and social impact groups worldwide. 

Research Team

The Aguilar Institute is bringing together highly respected Researchers, scientists, agriculture engineers, administrators and policy makers to prepare authoritative journals and Reports for the world to share.

Luis O. Aguilar is the Founder and CEO of the Aguilar Institute. Mr. Aguilar established the Research institute to bring awareness and solutions for the production of healthy and nutritious food sources. Our mission is to create a Synergic culture where Researchers, Scientists, Universities, Agriculture Developers  and Charitable Organizations can produce healthy and nutritious food. In other words, our mission is to help reverse a health epidemic that the entire world is experiencing–.

We are working in partnership with The Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute in the implementation of this amazing project, We believe that this project can change the lives of millions of people by changing the paradigm of nutrition via our awareness programs and delivery of highly nutritious foods  to local communities and export markets.

We welcome your donation to the Aguilar Institute and to the Paz Foundation. The Aguilar Institute will use 90% of all donation for Agriculture Research and Project implementation projects.

Dr. Than D. Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is a Graduate of B.S. of Science from University of Saigon and a PhD from the  University of Florida. Dr. Nguyen is a Scientist, Educator Philanthropist and a highly respected businessman in the Orange County CA, Community. Dr. Nguyen has been named the California Businessman of the year by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Dr. Nguyen has traveled to over 30 countries on behalf of major Foundations including the Clinton and Rockefeller Foundation. With a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture he has developed highly effective feed and nutrition systems for various  Farming  Agriculture communities  around the world. Dr. Nguyen has been named the California Businessman of the year by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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