Organic Farming Food is Nutritious

All agriculture, industrial and community based, must transition to Biological Agriculture.  This is the only technological form of producing food that will provide 40-500% more micronutrients, reduce noninfectious disease by 55-60%, reduce the use of irrigation between 30-50%, improve all water quality and halt global warming.

Since the end of WW2, when the bomb making chemical inventory of potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen were shifted to agriculture to accelerate plant growth, we have seen a dramatic increase in 35 types of cancers, brain diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s, epilepsy, metabolic syndrome disease such as autism, allergies and asthma as well as sexual dysfunction, depression and many others. There are over 400 unique chemical compounds used in industrial agriculture that directly impact the human organs and system functions.  Many of these chemicals are legally grandfathered such that they do not have to be trial studied for human impact.  This is also true in the cosmetic industry.

Farms have produced nutrient rich food since the transformation from the hunter gatherer stage for eating to sedentary agriculture, almost 10,000 years ago.  All virgin soils have sufficient minerals available resulting from erosion, wind, rains and sun breaking up the soil aggregates.  However, the only other way to take advantage of the thousands of minerals locked in the sand, silt and clay is through a natural process of microbiological activity in a process that has evolved over 1 billion years in the making.  Industrial agriculture which forces a few minerals into the soil in great excess bypasses all of the earths nutrients that have naturally cycled into our foods.

We need to go back to what mother earth has provided for us and start creating self-sustaining high nutrient foods so we can reduce all noninfectious disease, stop contaminating water and use a soil rich microbiology that is the greatest sink of carbon to halt global warming and create a regenerative life for all of earths organisms.

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