Monsanto Loses Roundup Cancer Case

The Company Monsanto  a subsidiary of German owned Beyer has lost another lawsuit from the use of it’s Roundup” brand Herbicide. Quoting a Blog by Carey Gilliam:  “After three stunning courtroom losses in California, the legal battle over the safety of Monsanto’s top-selling Roundup herbicide is headed for the company’s hometown, where corporate officials can be forced to appear on the witness stand, and legal precedence shows a history of anti-corporate judgments.

Sharlean Gordon, an cancer-stricken woman in her 50s, is the next plaintiff currently set for trial.  Gordon v. Monsanto starts Aug. 19 in St. Louis County Circuit Court, located just a few miles from the St. Louis, Missouri-area campus that was the company’s longtime world headquarters until Bayer bought Monsanto last June. The case was filed in July 2017 on behalf of more than 75 plaintiffs and Gordon is the first of that group to go to trial.

According to the complaint, Gordon purchased and used Roundup for at least 15 continuous years through approximately 2017 and was diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2006. Gordon has gone through two stem cell transplants and spent a year in a nursing home at one point in her treatment. She is so debilitated that it is difficult for her to be mobile.”

We at the Aguilar institute have been warning our readers about the perils of herbicides, fertilizers and the long term effects of exposure to these chemicals and frankly speaking, we do not relish on the reality and the facts, however, we must report what has been known for over two decades. Our sole purpose for establishing the Aguilar Institute was to inform, educate on the perils and causes of cancer from currently used farming methods and to and “take action” by establishing Organic Agriculture production programs in various parts of the world.

We welcome your donations and support for our noble cause and we welcome your participation in our upcoming nutrition and awareness programs in Arlington Heights and Oakland California venues.


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