Nitrogen is Contaminating our Fresh Water Sources

Have you ever seen a lake full of Green Algae?. Green Algae is created when our water has a high content of Nitrogen.  This chemical removes a large amount of Oxygen from water which causes Algae to form.  In a recent article written by , we learned that Organic Farming cannot compete with mass produced farming methods because of the use of mass produced Nitrogen.  Below is a portion of the article as quoted by 

“The key limit to further yield increases via organic methods appears to be nitrogen—large doses of synthetic fertilizer can keep up with high demand from crops during the growing season better than the slow release from compost, manure or nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Of course, the cost of using 171 million metric tons of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is paid in dead zones at the mouths of many of the world’s rivers. These anoxic zones result from nitrogen-rich runoff promoting algal blooms that then die and, in decomposing, suck all the oxygen out of surrounding waters. “To address the problem of [nitrogen] limitation and to produce high yields, organic farmers should use best management practices, supply more organic fertilizers or grow legumes or perennial crops,” Seufert says.”

We, at the Aguilar Institute

and the Ariston Institute are researching and preparing business and action based Organic Food Production models designed to replaced current Chemically induced Farming Methods, Aguilar says.      

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