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Our Projects Address Global Warming and Organic Agriculture Solutions

Global Warming is having a devastating affect on Agriculture land and many countries are suffering from long and sustained droughts and now hundreds of experts are working on designs and development of solar-powered enclosed hydro phonic and organic Agriculture farms in various parts of the world.

The Aguilar Institute, the Paz Foundation, the Agriculture College of Ariston Institute and Agriculture Engineers in El Alto, Bolivia are working a solar powered and energy efficient Green farm project. The project encompasses three phases: a. Prepare an Business Plan and action-based report, b. Construct a Solar tower and a Battery Back-up system,  c. Assemble a Green House, grow Organic vegetables and fruits, d. Construct a Food Processing and distribution Network.

This pesticide/pollution free, self-sustainable Pilot Project will be used as a model for new Organic Farms in various parts of the world.

Sub-division/ Organic Farm in Missoula, MT

New Homes with an Organic Farm

Picture buying a brand new home and you and your family growing fresh Organic fruits and Vegetables in your own back yard. Although, Community Farms are not a new concept, they are becoming popular all over the world. The Aguilar Institute and the Paz Foundation areĀ  working on research andĀ  development of a new Residential Subdivision/Organic Farm, Food canning and dehydrating project in Missoula, Montana.

Description : Agricultural Production and marketing

Methods of production will include both Hydrophobic, indoor gardens and open pastures.

Types of production will be chosen for location specific environments with a balance and consideration of farm odors and visibility of farming activities from homes and businesses. Some production could be designed to beautify the area. Trees and flowers are just a small example.

Despite popular thinking, farming can be enormously profitable. Producing organic or natural food for people is a critical community service that requires no less skill than doctors or computer programmers possess.

Various methods of marketing production will be utilized including outdoor and indoor Farmer Markets.

Example of Production:



Nursery: trees, shrubs, flowers

Bees-Bees are currently in demand, not only for their honey but also for their ability to pollinate.

Bamboo-Bamboo is not just a tropical plant, as many cold-hardy varieties can handle sub-zero winters.

In summary; this plan will increase usable land to produce much needed contribution to the food supply. This combination of farming, housing, retail, employment and recreation will create a unique family environment and a sustainable project.

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