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We will use 90% of your donation for the costs of preparing expert/peer Reviewed Reports and Articles related to Organic Farming, Food preservation, logistic solutions and from-farm-to-store solutions.

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Our experts design agriculture systems specifically for locations, terrain, soil types and weather patterns. Your donation will fund the costs of designing a specialized solution for many types of soils, climates and locations.

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Your donation will be used for our :boots on the ground” work to be performed by our engineers, student engineers, local farmers and communities that qualify for our Agriculture or Animal food production programs.<code>

Our representatives in Bolivia. Both ladies are Agriculture Engineers.


The Aguilar Institute reports the following facts: Organic food offers a more sustainable, long term solution for 4 main reasons: Organic farming rebuilds soil health and stops harmful chemicals from getting into our water supplies. Water and soil are two extremely important resources necessary for growing food. … Organic farming releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The Aguilar Institute is currently working with our Agriculture Engineers in El Alto, Bolivia who sell Organic Vegetables as soon as the market opens. 

Farming Without Pesticides or Toxic FERTILIZERS

Why is Organic Food More Sustainable? Sustainability and the environment are top of mind for many today. … Water and soil are two extremely important resources necessary for growing foodOrganic farmers don’t rely on non-renewable oil-based fertilizers and pesticides which may not always be readily available.

Most Farming around the world is sprayed with harmful pesticides that have lasting negative health affects,

Getting Involved

We welcome input of Agriculture Research experts, Farmers, Engineers,  Logistic, warehouse, food storage experts or Agriculture students who would like to offer to prepare reports, present new technology or apply for a position as Senior Fellows of the Aguilar Institute.

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