The Aguilar Institute Research Center

We are very excited to inform our readers of the registration of the Aguilar Institute of Agriculture Research. Our research institute is unique because as we are “breaking the Paradigm” of traditional “think’tanks.  Our action-based research/solution approach of Organic Agriculture and food production systems encompasses three support components as follows: Research; Learning, design and development of highly efficient farming and food production systems.

The Aguilar Institute will be partnering with Ariston Institute’s Agriculture Department and the Paz Foundation Charitable Organization located at our Arlington Heights Learning Center. We will be networking with universities, scientists, educators, agriculture engineers, logistic and food storage experts in the implementation of  self-sustaining Organic farming systems and methods in various parts of the world.

Our objective is to teach small farming communities to produce organic food products without the use of pesticides or chemical Fertilizers.  We at the Aguilar Institute welcome your queries, suggestions and donations.


Luis O. Aguilar




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