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Age reversing organic vegetables
Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The Paz Foundation was established as a Women and Children Protection, Education and Empowerment Foundation. Three years ago, we joined with Dr. John N. Kalaras PhD to form a unique Institution of Higher. The. Kalaras unique “Teaching how to learn” approach to higher learning inspired us to form the Ariston Institute of Higher Learning.

Once we formed The Paz Foundation’s concept of higher learning. Charitable works and Academic Research we wanted to create a program of Research and works that would make the most impact in the lives of millions of people. After researching various industries we concluded that the greatest impact we can make in society was to teach, provide resources and implement systems and training in the area of Biological Agriculture and Organic Farming.

Why Organic and Biological Agriculture? . Because Biological Agriculture is the only technological form of producing food that will provide 40-500% more micronutrients, reduce noninfectious disease by 55-60%, reduce the use of irrigation between 30-50%, improve all water quality and halt global warming. Since the end of WW2, when the bomb making chemical inventory of potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen were shifted to agriculture to accelerate plant growth, we have seen a dramatic increase in 35 types of cancers, brain diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s, epilepsy, metabolic syndrome disease such as autism, allergies and asthma as well as sexual dysfunction, depression and many others.

The Aguilar Institute non-profit Academic Research Center will be researching and implementing Biological Agriculture innovative and scientific methods and production systems via our Ariston School of Agriculture and our own Aguilar Academic Research Institute (i.e., Think-Tank) and the Paz Foundation network on worldwide charitable organizations. 

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