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The Aguilar Institute of Biological Agriculture Research will sponsor many social forums and invite world- renowned scientists, engineers, and experts in Biological Agriculture systems.  Our Institute will be working closely with Ariston Institute, the Ariston School of Agriculture, the Paz Foundation and major USA Universities with Organic Agriculture Programs and partnerships around the world. Our “action-based” research will highlight the use of  high-technology and “real-world” solutions. Our aim is to create self-sustaining, zero chemicals, low water and highly efficient organic food producing organizations.

The Aguilar Institute reports the following facts:

Organic food offers a more sustainable, long term solution to current chemically-induced agriculture farming methods. Oganic farming rebuilds soil health and stops harmful chemicals from getting into our water supplies. Water and soil are two extremely important resources necessary for growing food. … Organic farming releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Our projects will integrate IT Technology. Wind turbines, Solar Power and Battery Backup systems for the creation of temperature controlled farming and food production. The Aguilar Institute is currently working with our Agriculture Engineers in El Alto, Bolivia on a “state of the art” self-sustaining Greenhouse Organic Farming Project.

The Comprehensive Pilot project will be the first Academic Research Project for the Aguilar Institute and the Paz Foundation. This project will be available for the world to see via live feeds on Twitter, Facebook and our website. The project will be a model for the world to see and implement any part of the world.   


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