The Aguilar Institute

The Aguilar Institute of is the home of Organic Farming Research will sponsor many social forums and invite world- renowned scientists, engineers, and experts in Biological Agriculture systems.  Our Institute will be working closely with Ariston Institute’s School of Agriculture and the Paz Foundation.

We will also network with major Universities Agriculture Schools from around the world. Our “action-based” research will highlight the use of  high-technology and “real-world” solutions. Our aim is to create self-sustaining, zero chemicals, low water and highly efficient organic food producing organizations.

What is Biological Agriculture and Organic Farming?. 

Biological farming is about looking at the whole agronomic, environmental picture, nutritional and biological components of what constitutes a healthy soil.

Biological Farming combines the best of conventional and organic farming with an emphasis on attaining naturally productive soils. These soils display high levels of biological activity. The main purpose is to maximise the activity of soil microbes through the provision of good soil nutrition. Combining soil structure with adequate supplies of energy, air and water.

Biological farming is using modern technology and new methods, but uses only those that do not interfere with natural systems and do not cause harm down the road.

Biological farming aims at attaining balance between the physical, chemical nutrients and biological facets of the soil aided by improved organic carbon content. Measuring, planning changing and taking control of these three aspects give a more complete view of soil fertility. As a result, these processes offer a greater degree of control over the growing environment.

This, together with sustainable management practices, ensures the stabilisation of our fragile soils similar to the way a sponge takes up water.

This ‘sponge’, stores and makes plant food available, has greater water holding capacity, and enhances vigorous root growth. Many farmers strive to balance the chemical nutrients of the soil but results fall short without them really knowing why.

Organic Farming and Soil Biology

Soil biology is crucial to making these applied nutrients available to the plant and bringing into play the interrelationships with soil chemistry (nutrition) and physical properties. Over the past 50 years our past farming practices have decimated beneficial soil biology, leaving our soils lifeless.


L. Aguilar

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